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Kent Exquisite Cleaning Services

Carpet & Rug Cleaning Process

The process we use to clean carpets is :
  • Move any furniture ( if possible)
  • Deep clean & vacuum the carpets
  • Pre-spray the carpet with a Eco-friendly stain detergent
  • Apply the cleaning product to the carpet and massage into the carpet
  • Allow the detergent to take effect (around 30 minutes)
  • Then remove the dirt from the carpets by vacuum extraction
  • Move the furniture back to original position
  • The whole process will normally take for a average room under 2 hours 
  • The room is Now ready to use again without  waiting for damp carpets to dry
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Upholstery Cleaning process
The process we use to clean all upholstery is :
  • All sofa furnishings are vacuumed .During this process, we check for any damage or stains
  • Remove all seat cushions and clean, including vacuuming down the back of the furnishings
  • Pre-spray the furnishing with a Eco-friendly stain detergent gently massaging this, leaving for 10 minutes to take effect
  • Apply the Eco-friendly low moisture cleaning product to the furnishing's and gently clean.
  • After cleaning the furnishings remove the dirt and stains by vacuum extraction. 
  • The cleaning process normally takes 2 hours to for an average 3 seater sofa
  • The drying time is 2 hours after completion of cleaning then your furnishing is  Now ready to use 

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